For those brides who would like their wedding gown to be luxurious and beautiful, just like the high-end designer dresses. However, renting a wedding gown can be quite stressful if not done with caution and proper planning, as it may result in stress and problems during the occasion.

Tips for renting a bridal dress

One important tip about renting a bridal gown is to start your search early enough. The most popular designs are often taken long before the actual day of the ceremony, especially during peak times for weddings. It is advisable to commence your search at least half a year or nine months prior to the set date, which will give you many choices so as to avoid rushing at the last moment.

Not all firms that rent out wedding gowns are reputable. Make sure that you look for companies that deal specifically in designer gown rentals and have good reputations. Search for service providers with positive opinions from customers, a large number of various designs available on a sale or rental basis, and an excellent customer service history.

Nevertheless, even if one knows what she wants, it’s crucially important not just to stick to her style but also to try out numerous other picks available from the boutiques. You will find out that wedding dress rentals have different designs and sizes by various designers, thus encouraging you to experiment and choose a perfect garment suiting your personality as well as figure.

The majority of wedding gown rental singapore providers always give their clients a chart for size selection, among other guidelines. However, it’s better to book an appointment with a professional tailor for measurements in order to have an ideal dress, which might need some adjustments made after purchasing it.  Many bridal dress rental websites also offer accessory hire such as veils, jewelry, or belts so you can get everything in one place.

Additionally, this could be relevant if you are dealing with an online or out-of-state bridal dress leasing store, whereby there is a need to factor in shipping and return logistics. Shipping timelines should be discussed; consider shipment tracking alternatives plus extra fees payable, if any, while rushing orders happen. Similarly, inquire about how returns should be made plus deadlines so as not to forget getting penalized late fees incurred sometimes.


Renting a wedding gown can be just as good as buying it for your dream wedding look, but the two do not have to compromise on quality or style. Therefore, embrace multiple options for gowns and enjoy the ride as you get prepared to walk along the aisle in a gorgeous rented gown that reflects your style for that critical day.