Is it worth buying a new or used car? Here are pros

New or used: a dilemma faced by many car buyers. Both choices have advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a car is always a very delicate moment because, in the face of an often important investment, you have to find the car that best meets your needs. Another big dilemma that often arises is whether it is worth buying a new or used car . Let’s see the pros and cons of the two choices used cars in glendale.

It is worth buying a new or used car: how to evaluate the purchase

The first element that must be taken into consideration when asking whether it is worthwhile to buy a new or used machine is the budget available. On the basis of this data, it will be possible to evaluate whether to lean towards the new one or buy a used car , perhaps of a higher category with options and more inviting engines.

In any case, to carefully evaluate the purchase, it is necessary to understand how the car will be used , how many kilometers will be covered annually and how long you will want to keep the car before reselling it. If you usually change your car frequently, the advice is to focus on used cars to prevent the devaluation from affecting the capital invested initially.

The purchase of a used car is certainly convenient compared to a new model because it will not suffer the immediate depreciation of VAT equal to 22%. The devaluation , of course, will then be progressive with the passage of time, as well as for a new car. One of the disadvantages of second-hand is represented by the difficulty of finding real bargains. Finding models kept flawlessly by the previous owner, perhaps kept in a closed box so as to protect the bodywork and interiors, takes time and a bit of luck.

In the last decade, the sale of zero-kilometer cars has made its way . Often the difference between these and used cars is not known, but these are two types of cars that are totally different. Km 0 cars , in fact, are real new cars purchased in stock from dealerships and, usually, equipped with numerous accessories.

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