3 Top Benefits Of Used Cars In Hollywood FL

Do you wish to have your vehicle serviced? Or do you require any rentals? If this is the case, automax is here to assist you. Learn more about Used Cars in hollywood fl by reading this page.

AutoMax’s Background

AutoMax has been servicing Floridians for over ten years, having been founded in 2009. We are PROUD to be the leading automotive facility in South Florida. When you visit AutoMax, you will be treated as a Close Relative. It provides you with the greatest services under the motto “We Love Our Customers.”

Benefits you get at automax

  1. AutoMax is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs. All of our vehicles are rented, sold, serviced, and insured by us. In a matter of MINUTES, you can walk into the facility and drive out.
  2. AutoMax has over 200 cars, trucks, and SUVs in its inventory. Before being provided to our customers, each vehicle is mechanically inspected and serviced. Our goal is to give each customer a dependable car that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. We concentrate SOLELY on ensuring that we can assist you in obtaining a reliable automobile, and we do it DIRECTLY.
  3. We have a fully staffed customer service team with ASE Certified Mechanics dedicated to keeping your vehicle on the road. For the course of any of our programs, we provide services.
  4. The business began as a small distribution center on Funston Street and has since evolved into a Franchise Dealership. We know that our Customer Satisfaction platform is Strongly connected to our success. AutoMax has kept growing with Used Cars in Hollywood while serving our clients like family members.

What features does it have?

  1. Inventory

You can look over our inventory on the internet! Click here to see our automobiles, whether you’re looking for a monthly rental or a three-year lease, or just browsing the market.

Used cars in hollywood fl

  1. Maintain your vehicle

When you hire or lease a car from Automax, you get free service for the duration of your rental or lease. If you have any service difficulties with your vehicle, come in today.

  1. Sell you car

Tell us about your automobile and we’ll make you a cash offer right away, which you can go toward the purchase of a nicer, newer vehicle!

  1. You can refer your friends at any time.

When a buddy makes a purchase, you will receive a $250 check.


So, now that you know everything there is to know about Used Cars in Hollywood, you can correctly comprehend it and engage in its services.

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